Employee Portal

Industrial Division

The Industrial Division is tasked with providing security for a majority of our clients. We service a wide range of industries such as hotels, condominiums, luxury apartments, universities, retail stores, factories, and construction sites to name a few. The flexibility of our Industrial Division allows us to take on a wide range of projects with the ability to customize our service to each client's needs.

We offer all types of service such as:

  • Concierges
    • Full Time Desk Coverage
    • Fill-in Coverage
    • Call-out Coverage
  • Guard Patrols
    • Vehicle Patrols
    • Bicycle Patrols
    • Foot Patrols
  • Perimeter Checks
  • Hotel Rovers
  • School Tour Groups
  • Armed Guards
  • Executive Protection

We utilize the latest technology to ensure our clients are receiving up to the minute information regarding their coverage. We use vehicle GPS tracking to provide clients with up to date round mapping, satellite-supported tour management systems to track daily rounds and submit instant reports, and a web-based scheduling system which guarantees on time attendance and accurate invoicing.

All of our sites within this division are visited regularly by a team of dedicated field supervisors. This team inspects the guards on all shifts. Their duty is to ensure the guard is in full uniform, understands his/her responsibilities, has the resources to do their job well, and checks in with the client representative to ensure all is well and we are exceeding their expectations.